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Writer's Voice

Offering manuscript evaluations, substantive and developmental editing, ghostwriting, coaching, copyediting, proofreading, and audiobook narration.

Why Writer's Voice?

First and foremost, my absolute reverence for authors. I know that writing is an arduous and lonely calling.

My clients and colleagues will tell you that I have an uncanny ear for the author's voice and bring a writer's sensibility to my work. Committed to forging a bond with my authors and dedicated to honing the writer's voice, from concept to final draft, I relish every semicolon, hyphen, and turn of phrase along the way, and I persist until a manuscript is perfect.

As a professional, classically trained actress (and audiobook narrator), my ear for character shines through in my approach to a manuscript; likewise, my background in screenwriting and story editing influences my love for story development, thinking outside the box, and how best to convey the author's intended meaning to the reader.



Editorial Assessment: Review and assessment of the manuscript, addressing developmental issues relating to structure, organization, pacing, flow, plot, character, and clarity of language as well as commercial viability—communicating this information in an Editorial Assessment Letter.

Developmental Editing: Resolving structural and developmental issues within the manuscript, including substantive edits, line edits, restructuring, rewriting, and reformatting as necessary, to achieve optimum flow, structure, and clarity of language as well as commercial viability; supplying commentary geared toward bringing fresh insights to the work and honing the author’s voice, message, and writing style.

Copyediting: Checking for and correcting errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation; technical consistency in spelling, capitalization, font usage, numerals, hyphenation; checking for continuity and consistency, and ensuring loose ends are tied; checking for factually incorrect statements; formatting; if applicable, formatting of footnote and bibliographical references in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style.

Proofreading: Examination of the manuscript for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, incorrect punctuation marks, consistency of formatting, and any smaller items that have slipped through previous stages of editing.

Ghostwriting & Coaching

Audiobook NarrationI’m an Audible-approved narrator and work mainly through Audible’s ACX platform as a SAG-AFTRA voice artist. Please visit my profile to view rates and listen to narration samples.

Latest Projects

Gatsby’s Secret by Richard Guimond (coming in 2024); Instigator of Joy: Becoming My Own Fairy Godmother by Nancy Illman (2023); Unity Begins Within by Annie Fuller (2022); Heal Beyond Expectations by Dr. Maya Novak (2022); The Hoffman Affairs by Beth Schorr Jaffe (2022); From the Porch to the Page: A Guidebook for the Writing Life by Charlene L. Edge (2022); The Book We Wish We Had: How We Stayed Hopeful When Hope Wasn’t Enough by Lisa Bachman and Justin Bachman (2022); From Timber to Titan: The Remarkable Voyage of the Other Mayflower by Richard Stone (2022); Late in Love by Karen Anne Coccioli (2021); Paradise by Karen Anne Coccioli (2021); The Road to Peak Meditation Experiences by Frank Leonesio (2021); How To Retrain Your Human by Jon Wall (2021).


instigator of Joy: Becoming My Own Fairy Godmother by Nancy C. Illman

A true story, as magical as it is inspiring, of one woman’s journey through life as she overachieves here, underachieves there, and turns the tables in her favor to create the life she dreams of, spreading joy and beauty like breadcrumbs (or is that fairy dust?) all along the way. I think you’ll fall in love with Nancy and her exuberant instigating just as much as I did.

Unity Begins Within by Annie Fuller

I’m delighted to announce the release of Annie Fuller‘s first magnificent work, entitled Unity Begins Within. Annie and I were connected by the cosmos (and my revered colleague, Alice Peck), and when I came on as her copyeditor, I never expected to form a long-lasting bond and become so intricately immersed in the stories and teachings of this sagacious spiritual healer.

Annie is one of a kind, and her heart and soul are borne upon every page of her book. Beautiful in terms of both aesthetics and substance, the pages whisper with a quiet power, escorting you on a journey along the chaotic banks of the mind toward a miraculous awakening to Unity. 

It’s been my great honor to be part of Annie’s team in birthing this miraculous book. A true labor of love.

The Book We Wish We Had
by Lisa Bachman with Justin Bachman

Speaking of becoming intricately immersed in my authors’ works, I not only had the privilege of copyediting Lisa and Justin‘s extraordinary book, but I am now narrating it for them as well!

I have been threatening to get back into audiobook narration for some time, as it is one of my great loves, and through her amazing willpower, Lisa was able to conjure circumstances that made it all possible. I’m working with Zack Sweaney, an incredibly talented video editor (and a darned sweet soul), and we’re off to a great start.

 This is another one that goes in the heart-and–soul shelf.

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